The program of HARMONIC BRASS: Big elegant brass sound!

HARMONIC BRASS - Travels along the Danube

2845 km or 1768 mi of pure happiness. The path of the Danube from its spring in Donaueschingen to its delta at the Black Sea is fantastic, enchanting, magic. The most beautiful metropolises of Europe are at its feet. The Danube is called the Queen among rivers and it is lauded and praised, loved and hated.


There are many reasons for the most successful brass quintet of Europe to get on its way to explore this all-European river.

With their latest concert program Travels along the Danube the ensemble managed a major success. HARMONIC BRASS seeks the most entriguing stories about the river, climbs aboard an Ulmer Schachtel (one-way-boat), explores the most wonderful landscapes and town and presents something special:  The music of the Danube!


Like the river, so is the music of its neighboring states. Sometimes playfully lovely, sometimes wild and uninhibited. Wiener Schmäh’ in a three-four time takes its turn with wild Rumanian sounds. Sometimes river and melody are hardly audible, sometimes they are a mighty stream. And all of it performed with the typically perfect HARMONIC BRASS sound and an unrestrained love to play.


Star photographer Mike Meyer has already made a spectacular video about the production of this concert program. Spring of 2019 will see it go on tour.



Start … Listen … Enjoy!


An interesting playlist offers many advantages:  The party gets going, the work is less tiring, the weekend is getting nearer.

The right selection of songs can be the deciding factor and everybody has his very own playlist. It reminds you of a wonderful experience which is inseparable from this title. Exactly at this spot you have to sing along, the next piece always causes tears to flow.


In their new program Playlist, the five musicians of HARMONIC BRASS compiled their personal favorites. Each piece tells a story. A collection of sounds of treasure reflecting HARMONIC BRASS’s history. These pieces came along on a first trip to far-away countries, they were there when one met interesting people or when one finally heard the longed-for “Yes!”


Playlist grants special insight into the past of many facets of these unique artists and is, at the same time, a never-aging music selection that touches the heart.

All that with the usual brilliant sound HARMONIC BRASS is famous for all over the world.

HARMONIC BRASS - Festive Brass Music

HARMONIC BRASS - Festive Brass Music

Years of working with brass chamber music in a consistent and straightforward manner without compromises shaped HARMONIC BRASS to bring forth a sound in a class of its own. Carnegie Hall New York, Arts Center Soul, Gewandhaus in Leipzig – everywhere their highly sensitive interpretation of compositions and the grand, elegant sound of this ensemble causes waves of cheers among both concert visitors and music critics.


With Festive Brass Music the five sound architects from Munich created once more a unique program. The audience awaits music for the most part from baroque, renaissance and classical times.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, Georges Bizet:  Many grand composers do us the honor in this program.


At a cheered concert in the sold-out Frauenkirche in Dresden the Festive Brass Music premiered and earned storms of applause and standing ovations. One reason is certainly that at each concert the room architecture and acoustics are used to create the perfect performance. The audience can never be sure what place of the concert hall will be the stage for the next piece. A simple chorale rises from the main altar, Handel’s famous Largo is played in the central nave – all with one goal alone:  To melt the brilliant sound of the ensemble with the respective concert hall and do so to perfection. As with an organ, a variety of registrations are applied here. It is an experience in sound like none other.


HARMONIC BRASS’s Festive Brass Music is setting new standards, once again.

HARMONIC BRASS - Festive Christmas Concert

HARMONIC BRASS - Festive Christmas Concert

Actually, festive advent concerts by HARMONIC BRASS should be available by prescription!


They are the guarantee for an all-around well-being. Soul and ears are equally pampered, one side effect may be a pure feeling of happiness.

All through advent, this exceptional quintet is touring all over Germany in order to present Christmas classics with their famous brilliant sound. Music by J.S. Bach or Georg Friedrich Handel, famous chorales, glorious acrobatics at the piccolo trumpets and Christmas surprises from all over the world. Add to that a charming moderation with great stories around the festivity.


Nothing is left to chance, everything in this concert program is geared to prepare a wonderful time of advent for the many fans.


One of the best brass quintets of Europe is doing the honors. Ready for Christmas!


Keys, valves, pipes, brass…. the perfect combination for a grandiose sound experience!


When the brass meets the organ, all senses of the audience are taken to task and are enjoyably sharpened. This musical combination is looking back at a long tradition with HARMONIC BRASS. Always, these musicians were eager for this combination of sounds and they dedicated themselves thoroughly to the quintet-organ-project. A similar program was performed by this ensemble very successfully several times in the well-known concert hall Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany.


These special quintet-organ concerts are dearly loved not only in Germany, but find frequent use in concerts during the regular America tours of the quintet.

The ensemble cooperates with the most renowned organists of Europe with whom the arrangements, written to a perfect fit by Hans Zellner, can be performed to become wonderful music.


Working with brass chamber music over many years in a consistent manner without compromising themselves has shaped HARMONIC BRASS to a sounding body of extra quality. Add to that the “Queen of all instruments” and you have a brilliant and powerful concert experience of a very unique kind.


HARMONIC BRASS & Quadro Nuevo - Concerto Grande

Quadro Nuevo, the world-spanning music group, and HARMONIC BRASS, the furioso brass quintet, inspire each other and become a phenomenal orchestra which introduces you to a unique listening experience:

Wild Balkan-hot rhythms, a snappy sword dance, enchanting arabesques, the Bolero by Ravel and much more! Melodies for heroes carry you away to long-forgotten worlds. Together the widely-travelled musicians seek the explorer’s drive of Alexander the Great and the myth of Jason. And so breath-taking rhythmic hymns tell of waving turbans and flying carpets and turn into a daring ride to the end of the rainbow.


Quadro Nuevo is on tour through countries worldwide since 1996 and performed over 2700 concerts: Sidney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Singapore, Tunis, Tel Aviv. From the quaint North of Bavaria across the alps to Porto, from Denmark via the Balkan to the Ukraine clear across Europe. The instrumental quartet developed their very own language of sound poetry, outside of the usual genre box, for which they have been awarded the ECHO Jazz several times as best Live-Act of the year.


HARMONIC BRASS stands for grand elegant brass sound around the globe since 1991: Carnegie Hall New York, Arts Center Seoul, Endler Hall Kapstadt, Gewandhaus in Leipzig. The innovative quintet belongs „with its glamorously virtuoso style among the best in the world”. (SZ)


Musicians playing: Mulo Francel: Saxophone, Clarinets || D.D. Lowka: Contra bass, Percussion || Andreas Hinterseher:  Accordion, Vibrandoneon, Bandoneon || Tim Collins: Vibraphone || Hans Zellner: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo-Trumpet || Elisabeth Fessler: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo-Trumpet || Andreas Binder: French horn || Thomas Lux:  Trombone || Manfred Häberlein: Tuba

HARMONIC BRASS simply makes happy!

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